Let's Meet!

Hello all!

My name is Casey. I am a 24 year old wedding vendor located in a small town in Ohio! I absolutely love all things wedding related. In fact, I have already been a part of over 50 weddings in my life between working, attending and being in the bridal party! And of course- I'm wanting to continue my journey and be a part of more! I'd be honored to be a part of your wedding.

Learn More About Me

There are three major aspects of my life: my hobby, my babies, and my career.

Aspect #1: A huge part of my life (21 years to be exact) I spent doing my favorite hobby, dancing. I am currently a dance instructor where I help others find their passion and rhythm.Between ages 3 to 60, I've worked with people to gain confidence and skills. I've even given lessons 2 couples for their first dance as a married couple!

Aspect #2: My fur babies are my entire world! Minnie, Buddy, and Kipster are my three babies. We love to go get ice cream and take walkies.

Aspect #3: During the 2020 global pandemic, I graduated from the Ohio State University with 2 degrees! As if graduating during the pandemic wasn't difficult enough, I even began working as a venue manager during it (PS, weddings were like unheard of during this year)! Although it was very difficult and challenging beyond measures, I knew my clients were counting on me to make their special day happen! From working through this difficult time, I have gained more skills, knowledge, and ambition to work directly with clients!

What are My Goals?

Some personal goals of mine include:

  1. Owning my own wedding venues

  2. Operating a service to make wedding planning easier for couples

  3. Helping another 50 couples plan their wedding!

Through my years of wedding experience, I realized I have a huge passion for helping others. One of my goals is to help others plan the wedding of their dreams within their budget. If this sounds like something you would like help with, I'd love to chat!

So Why Am I Here?

Like I said- the overall goal I have is to help you in any way I can! If you're just looking for some direction, feel free check out my upcoming blog posts and products page where you'll find DIY decor options and other helpful tips. You can subscribe to my email list to be notified of new posts and products!

Don't let my ambition fool you.. planning a wedding is very time consuming, hard work, and can be costly. I've spent years in this industry thus far - whether it's a small tip here and there or full on wedding planning service, let's see how I can help you navigate your wedding!

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